Life is a roller coaster. For sure.

I have always really enjoyed roller coasters. The real ones. The ones that give you all the butterflies in the belly, starting while purchasing the ticket. All the thrills, all the reasons to scream like a sissy, and laugh out loud. The anticipation when the train goes chuck-chuck-chuck uphill….

Well, real life roller coaster isn’t quite like that. Because you don’t know when to expect the next quick downhill ride or the next sharp turn. You just hang on and try to enjoy the ride. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, mostly.

It’s been ten months since I experienced the most horrible downward ride I could have ever imagined. And since then I’ve sort of just quit expecting anything but the unexpected. I take life in stride, one day, one week at a time. And it sort of works. Because life is like that. It doesn’t wait for anyone. You are on board for the ride, and the other option is not really on the map here.

I’m getting on with all of this. I’m dealing with it all. And I’m finding ways to get through most of whatever comes in my way. Not saying it’s easy. But there is really no other way than to put one foot in front of the other and move forward. There are hurdles to cross all the time, and for every problem I solve, it seems like two new ones appear, like magic. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. I’m not really good at doing these things by myself. I miss having someone covering my back, giving me a hug and telling me it will all be alright.

I’m a positive person. I can get through all kinds of crap, I will land on my feet, and I can find humor in most situations. There is no reason for taking it all too seriously, right? I’m in this for the ride, and I certainly know of one person who would support this attitude whole-heartedly.

So, today I enjoy meeting friends. Keeping an open mind to advice given, and try to make plans for a future involving fewer problems and more time to enjoy all the good things that after all is available out there.

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