Friday night date

After an arduous week, rendering me with a sore back and a painful foot (one of the ponies did a tap-dance on my tootsie), I found myself in need of some revitalization. The weather has been grey, wet and chilly, so I needed something to lift the spirits. And on a Friday night this can only mean one thing: Date night!

Already during the afternoon, I started setting the plans in motion. Cancelling out other things that might disrupt my evening, making sure I had ingredients for a nice dinner, chilling the white wine and putting the phone in flight mode.

Most of the preparations were done, and I lit the candles, poured a glass of wine, turned on some good music and took my clothes off.

bubble-bathThen I slipped in to a steaming hot bubble bath, together with an old paperback novel. It was exactly the kind of date I craved. Just me, myself and I. I treated myself to a proper hair mask, pedicure and even allowed for loud sing-along, enjoying the bathroom acoustics. Conversation was held at a minimum. Not that I don’t talk to myself from time to time, but today I managed to keep my trap shut for once.

Spent a few minutes thinking of who the engineers might be, that design bath tubs…. Mine is equipped with all of six nozzles that produce a jet stream. I think (but not sure anymore) that the purpose is to gently massage your muscles. But the way any normal person (me) would position themselves in a tub, these currents pass over my belly, under my bent knees and over my ankles. So no actual touching. If I were to assume that these jet-streams should be of any use to my major (and most aching) muscles (as shoulders and back) I would then have to position myself face down, with my nose touching the bottom of the tub. I don’t think the outcome is what these engineers intended. Unless they were going for a most supple corpse. I now know I could tell these designers a few things about human anatomy…candle-light-dinner

After all the pampering done, I treated myself to a home cooked meal. Candle light dinner for one. And after that, there will be a movie. On the TV. Dressed in my ugliest and comfiest garments, and wrapped in a fluffy blanket, with the dog by my feet. I have popcorn and candy.  I might even make a fire, using some of the thousands of pine cones, this windy fall has left in my garden. The evening will be a complete success and if I behave myself, I might get to do it again soon.look ugly at home

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