Good bye 2016 – Hello 2017

new-year2017On this very last day of the year, I usually try to sum up the year for review. It gives a good starting point for the year to come, as well.

2016 started at home, Peter and I had just arrived from Stockholm, after having spent a wonderful Christmas with the girls and their families. We were just too tired to even open a bottle of bubbly. We toasted to the new year with a glass of Portuguese white wine and watched the fireworks from our balcony. Very relaxed. Little did we know what this year had in store for us…

Christmas 2015. Peter wearing a Christmas sweater, something he said he never ever would do. But anything for the grandkids...

Christmas 2015. Peter wearing a Christmas sweater, something he said he would never ever do. But anything for the grandkids…

In January Peter passed away, and the months that followed went by sort of in a daze. It felt like time came to a halt, and life as I knew it changed in an instant. Friends and family came and stayed, and helped me through this time. Right now I really don’t want to look back at this time at all. A nightmare. I have already written so much about loss and grief. But I do need to mention how much the support I had from all the wonderful people around me,  really helped with getting through all of it. I don’t even have words to express what that means to me. Forever grateful!

So many changes had to be made, some of which were really hard and affected some people I care for. Through this process, this time, I too have changed. I have learned a few things that I for sure didn’t want to have to learn.

The entire B Equestrian team, just over a year ago.

The entire B Equestrian team, just over a year ago.

There has been so many hurdles to cross, and it seems that for every problem solved, two new ones appeared in front, and I have struggled to stay strong and keep moving forward. Until this day, I have no clue as to how much more of this I have to deal with. But I am convinced that 2017 will bring a positive outcome.

During the summer, I got around to going out more, meeting both new and old friends, and enjoying this wonderful place where I live. I do have some really nice memories from this summer!

And eventually I was finally able to travel, both to Scotland, Sweden and USA. Spent precious time with family and friends. Just so wonderful to be with the people I love. Compensation for messages, phone and Skype conversation. That is all good, but not the same as actually being together.

Even though this year must go down in history as the worst in my life, I could actually make a list, not too short, of very good things that have happened. Well, “things” is not the right word, because it all relates to People. There are many absolutely fantastic people in my life, that have all helped bring light into my life. Many moments of smiles, laughter, love and good conversation. And I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many!

And now that 2017 is knocking on my door, what can I expect and hope for? First of all, I hope that everyone I hold dear will be in good health. I hope there will be many occasions and reasons to smile. I hope I will have many friends around, and be able to again travel to visit family and friends. I hope that all of the practical and legal aspects that now influence my life will be concluded in the best way possible.

I hope, that in one year from today, I will be looking back at a year filled with joy, happiness and peace. This is my greatest wish.bye-2016

I haven’t decided yet, on how to spend this evening. A couple of weeks ago, I had decided I really needed a sparkly party, in order to send off this year in a big way. But right now, I’m not so sure. I might just open the door to kick 2016 out in the cold and open that bottle of bubbly that’s been safely tucked away since last year….  So let’s see what happens next.






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One Response to Good bye 2016 – Hello 2017

  1. Faye Ward says:

    Beautifully written—-and I have the same wishes for you—hope 2017 is calm and peaceful for you.

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