February, flu, fever, freezing…

… and there could possibly be another f-word to fit that sequence. But I’m leaving it out, since it’s only the first day of this month, and it can only get better. Because these last couple of January weeks seemed to monopolize on negatively charged f-words.

I had some plans as of how to start this new year. Some of them went alright. Then I got sick. Bleurgh! I don’t want to blame anyone, but unfortunately, it all started the day after my new B&B guest arrived from the cold north bringing a bit of a cough and sniffle. (And she’s forgiven since she naturally didn’t bring this on purpose) But the next day I was down and out.kleenex

Runny nose, cough, fever and aching muscles. The whole package. With the addition of a bit of a toothache, just to add to my misery. I went for the usual house remedies and took to the couch. These remedies are what usually work well and include (apart from any regular painkiller) tea made with fresh ginger, lemon and honey, chicken soup and a shot of whiskey before bed. With or without a doctor’s visit, it will cure a cold in 5-7 days. This is a well-known fact.IMG_0794

A couple of days later, I decided I was done being sick and went to work at the yard. Taking it relatively easy, allowing myself plenty of little breaks. Friday evening I even went out with friends in Lisbon, because I couldn’t stand being cooped up in the house any longer. While walking the steep streets of Chiado I realized I should have stayed home. I had to stop for oxygen at every second corner. At least I had a good time, and it cheered me up. Saturday, I went to give a couple of lessons. Feeling a bit tired, but mostly OK. But on Sunday I went down again. Obviously overdoing it. I thought I could will the cold away. Mind over matter. But no, not even my stubbornness could outdo this flu. Meanwhile, the toothache had escalated into a swollen cheek that made me look like a hamster. Finally yesterday, I caved in and called my dentist.hamster

I have a fear of doctors and dentists because history has taught me that they tend to want to bring out scalpels whenever I pay a visit. And I have no particular desire to be cut into any more. But again, I was unfortunately proven right. My dentist (also forgiven, because he is also a friend, and does really help out) brought out the scalpel and cut open the abscess that had formed in my lower jaw. Which, by now, was extremely painful. He said he hadn’t seen an abscess this size for years, and drained it enough to make my cheek appear almost normal again.  I awarded myself an invisible badge of honor for just staying in the chair instead of running for the hills. (Yes, I whimpered like a baby while this got done) I also got a box of antibiotics and got started right there and then.

Got back home, using the Uber, since my dear Volvo is still in the garage with electronic issues. Had a bite to eat to kill the nausea. Another nap on the couch, and I finally feel like I’m about to join the land of the living again.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at work. Not necessarily with tons of energy, but nevertheless back. Naturally, I’ll be on my house remedies plus the antibiotics for another week. Just to be on the safe side. But I hear my car might be back in a few days and then I will have my freedom back. And the spirit to enjoy it. Hopefully.

For those of you that know me well, I can tell you exactly how sick I’ve felt: there has been practically no loud rock music in my house in over a week. That tells it all! Tomorrow I will turn up the volume again…


Again, I need to hand out some virtual flowers to some of my friends that have been most kind and helpful during this time by giving me a rides here and there, done my shopping, picking up medication, looking after horses and much more.

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