Daisy is here!

One month ago Daisy arrived to join our little family. I saw her picture on the internet, where someone was trying to find her a temporary or permanent home. And there was something about that photo that called out to me.

I had been keeping an eye out for another dog for some time, thinking Akleja needed the company (since she doesn’t enjoy being at the stables anymore) and someone to play with. But until now, there has never been a dog that looked like the right one. Could this be the one?

With the help of my friend Desiree, who is involved in one of the animal rescue associations here, we got in touch with the people that had her. A few days later, two volunteers from another organization drove her the 350 km’s to deliver her at my house. I’m impressed by these people that do so much to help, even if it’s just one single dog or kitten.

I took Daisy in my arms, and she was so frightened and shy. I sat down, and she was even afraid to leave my lap. So we just sat there together until she felt safe to stand up and start moving. This is how our journey together started. Like having a completely wild animal in the house. If I even made the slightest movement or noise she would dart in under the nearest piece of furniture, trying to make herself invisible. But if I sat still on the floor, she would come lie next to me. It was obvious she was starving for love, attention and a family.

Akleja took upon herself to play the part of Big Sister. Day one, she was fine with having another dog in the house. Thinking she was just visiting. Day two, she realized Daisy was here to stay, and in need of learning the house rules. And her number one rule was that I am her person, and she is the number one dog. She was really jealous and went in between as soon as Daisy wanted to come close. Akleja watched her every step and followed her around the house. A few days later, they have figured out the dynamics of our pack and get along really well.

Since I was still recovering from being sick, I wasn’t doing much these first days. That was a good thing for our bonding. I would watch TV from the sofa, with both dogs lying on top of my legs, clearly enjoying the company.

Sleeping across my legs

A week later, I still had to pull her out from under furniture if I wanted to take her outside or to put her in the box where she stays while unsupervised. But if I was sitting down, she would always come lie next to me, or under my chair.

After this first month, we have come a long way. She now comes running when I call her name, tail up and bouncing around. She jumps all over me when I prepare her food, and we have started going for little walks on the leash. Only when she meets new people is it clear that she is still very cautious.

Akleja is now teaching her the essentials of being a good dog. She tells Daisy off when she steals from the bin, teaches her the rules regarding furniture (no walking on coffee tables, or backrest of the sofa), no chewing carpets and how to go for walks on the leash. The lessons also include how to play favorite games (tug-of-war, jumping on sofa, catch the ball). It’s totally heart-warming to watch them play while making a lot of noise. I guess you have to be a true dog person to not go nuts while these two go wild.


It’s really good for Daisy to have Akleja as her Big Sister. Akleja is as confident as any Jack Russel and happily greets any visitors. Unfortunately, Daisy has already picked up on some of the less amusing treats, like barking insanely at anyone walking close to our house.

This short video shows Daisy on her third day, and then how the dogs play on the sofa every evening. Welcome to the zoo!!


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