Daisy has become Swedish!

The little puppy has outgrown her “big sister”

I just realized I haven’t mentioned Daisy for quite some time, and not posted about the fact that she’s moved out. So here is an update on everything that has happened in the last six months.

Wrestling match on the couch

I was happy to accept Daisy for adoption, (or alternatively as a foster home) when she came to me. I was super happy to have found what I thought was the perfect young dog. But the new dog wasn’t really intended just for me, but  mainly to be company and playmate for Akleja. So I got a dog for my dog…. (I know it sounds a bit mad, but that’s OK).

When she arrived she was nearly the same size as Akleja, and of course, I realised she would grow up to be a bigger. But boy, did she grow!! I’m not sure what was in the bags of puppy food that I gave her. She was a bit skinny from the start, and only after a few months did she start to fill out more. She quickly grew from just 5 kg’s to 15!! And with never ceasing energy levels. Akleja and I began to have a hard time to keep up with her. And a couple of times, she was a bit overbearing during rough playing for “middle-aged” Akleja. To the point where the mega-tough Jack Russel ended up with back-pain and hid under the furniture to escape the very lively puppy. It was at this point I started thinking that Daisy might not be our ideal companion. I had to consider the well-being of both my dogs.

It became apparent that Daisy should live somewhere with much more space to roam. My garden doesn’t provide that (and my plants were suffering). Even though Åsa took her for long and vigorous exercise twice a day, it seemed to never be enough. Daisy should also have a canine companion of a similar size to run around with.

Meanwhile, Åsa understood my predicament, and started investigating options in Sweden. And to be honest, Daisy had begun to become Åsa’s dog and special project. She spent a lot of time and effort on Daisy, and they bonded well. Since Åsa was living in my house, we were all members of the same pack and their connection grew stronger.

One of Åsa’s friends, Josefin, offered to take in Daisy for adoption. She already had another rescue dog from Ireland, who needed a playmate so the situation looked ideal. She could provide a life with other dogs, horses and enough space to run about in the countryside in south Sweden.

So when it was time for Åsa to leave, (after four months in Portugal) she arranged to bring Daisy with her. We had to organise quite a few details; shipping crate, passport and sterilisation. That last issue was a bit worrisome, but we managed to find a vet who could have this done within the timeline. Luckily, we had all the necessary vaccinations and chipping  done before, but they needed very thorough documentation.

She looks a little embarrassed in her costume 😉

Finally, everything was sorted, and Dais was all ready to leave. Dressed in her pretty pink pyjamas (to prevent her from licking her still fresh scar), having no clue about the endeavours awaiting.

But now I know it all went well, and Josefin posted photos (of which I “stole” some) on Facebook, showing a very happy puppy in her new home, running around with her new playmate, which is of right size and attitude. She looks perfectly happy, and I’m so glad she has found her proper place in life.

Running free, full speed with new best friend

It was my responsibility when I took her in, to provide a good life for her. So, when I couldn’t offer the perfect life she deserved, I had to find a solution that was right for Daisy. I think this is it. Just look at her now.

She’s always been a “sofa-dog”. Here with her new partner.


Here is the story about when Daisy arrived: https://kickilin.wordpress.com/2017/03/10/daisy-is-here/

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