A Swede needs to have Glögg at this time of year. Whether you actually like this heated, spiced up wine or not, it just has to be there. For the smell, the comfort and memories of Christmases past. Traditions are important, after all.

Glögg 2013

Since I’m both too lazy and way behind schedule, making it myself is not an option. So, off to Ikea we went, Anne and I, to find these precious items that  we just need have at home during this holiday season. We both had a list of our holiday necessities. Apparently, the entire Scandinavian cummunity here must have had that very same idea, because they were almost out of all of these delicacies. Now what??

OK, a few things I can do without, or make myself. But what about the Glögg? After searching the entire food section minutely, we spotted a few bottles on a shelf really high up, for decoration. Asked the salesman, if he would bring them down for us. No, he said, we don’t sell the display items. We both looked at him with what we thought was our best Cocker spaniel eyes, and yay, two minutes later he had checked with his supervisor and went to reach up and bring us down these precious bottles. Strike of luck!!

Added those to some pickled herring, gingerbread cookies, chocolate, crispbread and cheese and checked out.

Traditional Swedish Christmas food

What other things were on the list, you may ask? A small cured ham, cinnamon rolls, anchovies, Skumtomtar (candy) and Julmust (soft drink). Things we’ve already proven that we can live without, but as an expat, you just presume that Ikea will provide for us. Every little thing a Scandinavian needs to feel at home anywhere in the world….

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