Lussekatter – version 2.0

Or how to reduce pre-Christmas-related stress….

I have previously written about the endeavors and efforts of baking in a foreign country. And about my ambition to bake the perfect Lussekatt (traditional Swedish sweet saffron bun in hounor of St. Lucia, the only celebrated saint in this protestant country).

If you are curious about the results of my earlier baking experiences, here are the links: Baking year 2013 and Baking 2012 (in Swedish)

I think, that now after several attempts of learning by doing (trial and error), I have improved the method and named it Lussekatt 2.0, and right here and now I will share with you the ultimate way to perfection. The final recipe, if you will.

  1. Find the recipe from last year, with all the alterations noted in the margin.
  2. Make a shopping list of items needed. Pay close attention to detail here. (Huge differences in manufacture and quality of milk, sugar, flour etc)
  3. Go shopping, list in hand. (Good luck with finding parking with the Christmas shopping madness going on.)
  4. Realize that they are completely out of saffron (the main ingredient), and for the bakers’s yeast, you need to go to different store, where parking is absolutely impossible.
  5. Wrap up the shopping with the other non-baking necessities (wine, detergent and what else?) and head on to Ikea.
  6. Buy two bags of their pre-made, frozen saffron buns (Lussekatter!!)
  7. Go home. Pour yourself a huge glass of wine while you watch those buns turn golden in the oven.

8. You’re all set.  Add more raisins to the buns and to the Glögg, and put your tired feet up, sit back and think about how many Christmas cards you forgot to send out. Have another mug of Glögg while you consider the wonders of social media and therefore the ability to post just one big Christmas card for everyone (Yes! Family, friends and aqcuintances) in just one swift motion on Facebook.

Relax,  Christmas is coming whether you actually baked anything or not. Watch “Love Actually” one more time, in your bed, while munching on a still warm Lussekatt. Santa will not come down your chimney this year either, since you didn’t make his final list. So no need to worry about putting any homemade cookies out for him either.


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One Response to Lussekatter – version 2.0

  1. Sasha Neiman says:

    Dear Kicki, Your writings of the first day of 2018 is simply like spending a day with you, who by the way, I would not choose many! This day, I choose myself! You are a brilliant writer. You take me away from myself and into your world, your mind, your life, so much like mine. The beauty is in the details! Makes me feel normal! What Italian movie? Nothing could have been so welcome as a new year with you, and leave behind, so much loss. Much love, Sasha

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