How to deal with chaos: Throw a party!

Your friends are not going to fix the chaos for you, but will definitely lift your spirits!

When things get chaotic; in my mind, the answer is usually “Add more!” Which is how I end up having to make the decision between All or Nothing. And this time I choose to go all in.

After having just barely recovered from having a home cluttered with cardboard boxes, littered with Christmas decorations in all the wrong places, paintings waiting to be hung, discarded clothing in piles and a few other projects, I somehow decided that this would be the ideal time to invite friends over for a small pre-Christmas get-together. Why not add to the total madness and go All-in here?

I can see you rolling your eyes at me here, but hear me out, this serves a purpose. Two actually. Firstly, since I’m the Master Procrastinator, it gives me a deadline for tidying this war-zone up. And secondly, I desperately needed to see my friends. Said and done, I called on my friends and made an extensive To-do list. (Another list!?!)

Christmas can be different

This list also included some shopping, cooking and baking. Yes, baking…. Because, having an international circle of friends means I want to offer some of the specialties of Swedish Christmas. It was after all the eve of December 13th. (This only means something to Swedes, so no, I did not wear a white gown nor attempt to sing the Lucia-song to them). But I felt the need to put homemade gingerbread cookies, Lussekatter, meatballs and Jansson’s Temptation on the table. Along with the Glögg.

Why did I think this was such a great idea? Of course I couldn’t fit 12 hours of preparations into just five. There had to be some shortcuts taken. Which I did and it worked out…

It could have been worse

Now, the Glögg that I was so happy to have found at Ikea (full story here) was apparently the non-alcoholic, children-friendly version. Not really what I had in mind. So that had to be fixed somehow. I won’t ever tell just how I accomplished that. Only that I found the right ingredients to add. And the flavor came out just like I hoped. And that in combination with my just-out-of-the-oven Lussekatter is the perfect combination!!

And the baking?  Again, Ikea was the rescue. They have pre-made cookie dough!! All I had to do was to cut out the shapes, using my new cookie-cutters that I brought as a souvenir from the Kelpies in Scotland. Ran out of time and patience when it came to the decorating, so they all came out looking like chubby ponies from a rave.  (Still tasty, though)

Finally, friends started dropping in and I was still frantically trying to finish up the  last of the preparations. Light the candles, make the egg-halves, fix my hair, put the cheese and wine out…. (This is where friends step in and help out)

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The result? A great evening! That’s how it turned out. Chaos turned into smiles & good conversations.We all had a great time and that was exactly what I was going for. Not so complicated after all. A few bottles of wine, some nibbles and just add friends. Best recipe ever! Fool-proof way to deal with chaos, and just come to a conclusion about what things really matter. There are few things better than having your house full of friends.

Fun observation: nobody will take that last meatball or egg left on the plate. 

Except me…

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