Looking back at 2017

As I was looking back at this year, trying to sum it all up here on the last day of 2017, I realized I’ve been all wrong. I had already labeled this year as another shitty year following in the footsteps of a difficult 2016. But as I went through photos and calendar I found so many wonderful things, so it would be completely unfair to say it was all bad. Full of changes  and challenges, but also good times well worth remembering.

It was loosing my mother in September that cast a dark shadow over this year. It had a huge impact on how I see things in retrospect. It opened old wounds and this autumn has brought about much sadness. I miss her every day. It’s been tough coming to terms with the loss of both my parents and my husband in such a short timespan.


We said Farewell to our parents.

There were devastating forest fires all over Portugal during spring and summer. Many people died, others left homeless. Horrific images on the news every day.  The rain was all in north Europe leaving Sweden with the coldest, rainiest summer in 50 years. On a smaller perspective, I had problems with my health, my car and with getting the horses moved. All of this, and other smaller issues, made me think of this year in a very negative way.

Instead, I would like for 2017 to be remembered for all the wonderful things that actually happened. There were many cheerful occasions. The one that stands out the most was the wedding of my youngest daughter. That was a time of pure joy! All a mother can wish for, is to see her girls happy. And this was certainly a most happy occasion! The young bride was fairytale beautiful and the Swedish summer even held back the rain for the newlyweds.

fridas bröllop

Frida & Olof on their wedding day, August 5 2017, surrounded by family and close friends.

What else happened during 2017?
There was a lot of traveling (which I really enjoy). In the spring there was a road trip to north Spain, Basque country, Galicia and north Portugal. Then I went to USA to visit Mom, twice, both during spring and for midsummer. Spent August in Sweden. For the wedding of course, but also to spend some time in my holiday home, visit the European Championships in Gothenburg with Frida. Then again to the USA , (for the wrong reasons) and for the first time going south to South Carolina and Georgia. And finally, a short trip to Stockholm and Scotland. And even went to Algarve.  I don’t even know how to express my gratitude to the people who made this possible, by looking after dogs, cat and horses.

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I got to spend time with friends at parties! (How I enjoy this)

There were visitors from near and far. (Quality time with friends)

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Some changes regarding work and horses. Now there is only my white prince Viking left as the others all have been sold or leased out, and I have moved to another yard. Ended up being a good solution, although difficult to come to terms with. I have great people to rely on when it comes to helping me out with all of this.

I could add a hundred more photos of friends that I’ve spent time with over the year.  So many good memories.

To sum it all up; this has been a year unlike no other. Precious friends mean a lot. Last, but not at all least my wonderful family. I love you all and hope 2018 will allow us to spend even more time together.

helatjejklanen vallentuna 17

Daughters and grandchildren in Vallentuna

Happy New Year!

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