First day of 2018

Someone told me that the first day of the year will set the mark for the rest of the year. If that’s the case, this year might be very chilled…

The new year started with a Bang. Literally. Because the hotel next door was hosting a huge New Years party and the fireworks at midnight exploded more or less right above my house. A fantastic show. But the dog was absolutely terrified. She isn’t intimidated by much, but this left her shivering and panting. The good thing about living here is that the fireworks are only at midnight. In Sweden it’s a huge problem for people with animals, because anyone can buy fireworks and set them off anytime during the newyear-weekend. Which means that animal-owners can’t prepare or avoid it and animals have died and suffered.

Woke up bright and early, to see the sunrise and wondering how many people were just leaving their parties at that moment. In various states of intoxication. I made coffee, had a long breakfast and decided the nice weather was right for a long walk. Bright blue skies, no wind and 16 degrees. Walked around the golf course and saw a woman playing in just shorts and T-shirt. It really wasn’t all that warm. I was wearing jeans, a warm sweater, scarf and vest. She must have just arrived from the cold, dark north, and be a helluva energetic golf player…

At lunchtime I decided to go into town to have recovery-lunch with complimentary Mimosa at my local Irish Pub. This place always makes me feel welcome, and the food was perfect. As I left the pub, full and content,  I walked past a guy selling Ginja in chocolate cups, and decided that was the best dessert on a day like this. I was right. The man was very friendly and chatty, so I got my daily Portuguese lesson included.

Driving home, along the coast gave me the best ocean view. Big waves that crash onto the cliffs in great cascades. Such a lovely day, and lots of people were out biking, jogging, walking and generally trying to live up to their resolutions for a healthier life (I assume). 

Now, had I been in Sweden, there would have been other traditions to consider. There would be hangover pizza while watching Ivanhoe on TV. Years before,  it would have been watching the skijumping from Garmisch-Partenkirchen while finishing off the last of the chocolates from Christmas. Traditions change, but the couch remains. Honestly, no one has ever actually seen neither Ivanhoe nor the skijumping. It’s just an excuse to stay put for the rest of the afternoon. We all know it.

Traditions are meant to be upheld, so Akleja and I took to the couch and watched an Italian movie together. Well, I was kinda watching and she was sleeping on my legs. And if I moved ever so slightly, she would lift her head and give me The Look.

There was some Christmas candy left, so I finished off my “Gröna Kulor”, some liquorice and plan to have the last of my cinnamon rolls later. 

I have recieved tons of New Year greetings, and only replied to a few. Don’t expect me to forward these images of lights, fireworks, hearts and hugs. I just never do.  I have broken every chain-mail ever sent to me (and still alive to tell the story). But I wish you all the very best 2018. 

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